Girlfriend Revolution

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Girlfriend Revolution

Discovering God’s Design for Authentic Friendships

by Susan Thomas


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Girlfriend Revolution is designed to equip God’s daughters to experience a passionate life in Christ and enjoy the gift of God-given friendship! Whether used as an individual devotional or as a Bible study for your church, we want to make sure you have the resources you need to fully encounter the truths God has for your life.

Join Susan for an 8-week journey as she speaks God’s message into the lives of women. Designed to coordinate with the workbook, these 45-55 minute audio messages will inspire and embolden every woman’s heart to embrace God and His design for authentic friendships.

“Susan Thomas was the speaker for our annual Evening for Women. This event had over 600 young ladies and women attending. Her topic was The Gift of Friendship, such a relevant message for this audience of young girls and women of all ages to hear. Sadly we live in a time when so many girls and women do not know how to be a friend. I am still hearing how much Susan touched their hearts and helped them become better friends to the girls and women in their lives. They are anxious to be a part of Susan’s Girlfriend Revolution bible study. Also I have mothers who are looking forward to having their daughters attend the study with them. Our church will be offering Girlfriend Revolution as soon as it is released!”

“As a pastor’s wife, I am excited about Girlfriends Revolution. Until now, I’ve never experienced a women’s study that not only meets the needs of our women, but also propels the mission and values of our church body! I LOVE that it is written straight from the heart of a pastor’s wife FOR the women of the church! Susan’s insights are practical and challenging drawing women of Edge Church to the heart of God. I love seeing our women deepen their friendships by learning to put God first in their hearts and lives. Girlfriend Revolution is radically changing the way not only our women interact with one another, but it’s also positively affecting our church body. Our women are learning to value one another, show loyalty and honor, and live on mission in our community by sharing Christ with others.”

“Girlfriend Revolution is packed with great tools for today’s women. Relationships between women can be a mystery, however, once you know how to navigate the awesome, creative, multi-tasking, fabulous, complex creatures that we are, having girlfriends is a blessing unlike any other. The tools that Susan presents in Girlfriend Revolution give us the opportunity to unveil the amazing gift of friendship, which has the potential to thoroughly enrich our lives.”